Short Fuse Blog (March 2011) Writeup

Happiness, Balance, and Prosperity for Fusion
by O'Brien Homes

Ever wonder why your mom's home feels more cluttered than your neighbor's house? Or why a model home always appears to have more space to place furniture than the same home once it's purchased by you? It's because the homes that appear to have more space actually have more balance or good Feng Shui. The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui focuses on the aesthetics of the surrounding environment to balance light and spatial harmony.

The O'Brien Homes team, builder of Fusion, decided to consult Feng Shui expert Marsha Cheung Golangco on the Feng Shui on the floor plans, elevations and landscaping to ensure that Fusion would provide the best experience and life balance possible to its future owners.

O'Brien Homes Management Team with Feng Shui expert Marsha Golangco

Ms. Golangco viewed the various floor plans to make sure they had good flow and Feng Shui. She also reviewed the landscape design and gave input on how to create harmony and flow in the landscaping. This consultation resulted in a plan to provide Fusion's residents with multiple fountains and walking paseos throughout Fusion.

The consultation ended with a site blessing, used to cleanse the property of any negative issues and ensure happiness, balance and prosperity for Fusion's residents. The blessing began with a cleansing process: each member of the management team from O'Brien Homes wrote down any negative issues that were bothering them. Then they burned their notes of negative issues in a flaming urn to symbolize the letting go of bad thoughts and problems.

O'Brien Home Management burning the negative issues that were bothering them

Ms. Golangco and the team then sprinkled water from leaves all over the property to symbolize the cleansing of the land.

Water sprinkling with Pomelo leaves

Mrs. Golangco passing out the Pomelo leaves to the O'Brien Homes team

Lanterns were placed in all four corners of the Fusion property to illuminate the land with light and positive energy from all four directions, which are symbolic for the protection of the Fusion homes and their residents. Red candles were also symbolically placed in each direction. Gold coins were buried to represent future prosperity and good fortune for all the residents of Fusion.

Coin burial symbolizing prosperity for residents and red candles symbolizing protection for Fusion residents

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